Failed to parse snapshot line [ ]

Hi All,

When I run: edge-impulse-run-impulse in the cli, I get the following message: “Failed to parse snapshot line [ ]” (inferencing works fine though).

And, according to the docs (Impulse runner - Edge Impulse Documentation) there should be a line with : “Finished inferencing, raw data is stored in ‘/fs/device-classification.4’. Use AT+UPLOADFILE to send back to Edge Impulse”. But I don’t see that as output in the cli.

Please, any ideas why this is the case? And where is (should) the inferencing output data (be) stored?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @GerverA,

Which device are you deploying to?
The output example in the documentation refers to the ST Discovery kit which has a filesystem (more details in the code here). Raw data is usually not stored locally for most boards but only persists in memory.