Failed to load.... Microphone only supports sampling at 16000Hz

I get this error:

Failed to load… Microphone only supports sampling at 16000Hz

when I have my phone connected and click on Switch to Classification Mode.

Please, advise.

Hi @ahmedkhalaf1, thanks for reporting this. We fixed frequency of audio on phones at 16KHz which caused issues during classification if your dataset was at a different frequency. This has now been resolved and 44.1KHz and 48KHz should both work.

Great! I will re-try it and get back to you.

Awesome, it works nicely!


So, it does work nicely at the beginning! Then, it crashes later with the following error message:

I repeated the process 2 times, but once it reaches around 315 samples it crashes.


@ahmedkhalaf1 Thanks for the report - I’ll have someone look into it later this week!