Failed to initialise camera on nicla vision

My project is working great on my iphone but I have an error message on my nicla vision.
Opening port
Port open
VMDPR_Edge Impulse Inferencing Demo
ERR: Failed to initialise camera
Failed to initialize Camera!

Starting inferencing in 2 seconds…
Taking photo…
ERR: Camera is not initialized
Failed to capture image

Project ID: 402292

Hi @mlasalle,

It looks like you are trying to connect to the Nicla Vision board using the Edge Impulse CLI tool. First, please make sure that you are running the latest official Edge Impulse firmware on your Nicla Vision: If that does not fix the issue, please try a different USB cable and different USB port on your computer.

Thanks for the reply!
I follow the article you suggest several time before posting on the forum without succes. I changed the USB Cable this morning and switch to other USB port on my laptop.
Do you think that my Nicla vision could be demage?

Best regards