Failed to collect image data from Android device

Hello. Faced a problem while uploading images from my Android phone to the Edge Impulse client. Tried with a different android version too but in vain. Can anyone figure out what is happening ?

@arijit_das_student Which phone and browser are these?

@janjongboom Its a Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. And sir I am using Google Chrome in this case. Below I have also added the screenshot of the full data.

@aurel any chance you have an Android phone laying around?

Unfotunately no :confused:
@arijit_das_student have you checked your Chrome settings regarding camera access (

Just checked now…It seems that the access is “YES”.Also took a screenshot which has been pasted below.

What should I do @janjongboom and @aurel please suggest something or do any help?! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Hi Arijit,

To further investigate it would be great see logs in the console of Google Chrome.
You can follow this link to set up debugging with your computer:

Once it’s done, you can inspect and open the console on your computer and check if any errors are displayed while loading the page on your smartphone. That would be very helpful.


@arijit_das_student I’ve gotten myself an Android phone and will see if we can replicate this!

@arijit_das_student Could it be that you’ve rejected Chrome to access your camera by any chance? So in the permissions settings for Chrome, rather than for the website. I’ve just tested on a Nexus 5X with latest Chrome and that works.

@janjongboom I again rechecked it just now. Below I have pasted the screenshot as being taken from Settings showing that the camera permission for Google Chrome is allowed.

@arijit_das_student Hmm… Sorry I have no idea what might be going on in that case. Aurelien’s suggestions on seeing what’s printed in the browser console might give some pointers.