Failed to allocate tensor arena on Nano.ble33_sense

Trying to run a vision model on Arduino Nano ble33 sense.Obtain “Failed to allocate tensor arena”.
Using Arduino IDE 1.8.19. Please see uploads below. I tried 48 x 48 images, still same issue.
Any suggestions much appreciated!

**Project ID: 126581

Hi @mpustie,

“Failed to allocate tensor arena” means you ran out of RAM on your device. The Nano 33 BLE Sense only has 256 kB of RAM. If you look on the “Transfer Learning” page of your project, you can see that the model is estimated to take up 346.9 kB of RAM, which won’t fit on the Nano 33 BLE. You will need to use a different model. In my experience the “Transfer Learning” models on Edge Impulse are too big for most Arm Cortex M4 systems.

Thanks for the response. I am thinking of trying an Arduino Portenta H7 or a Raspberry Pi 4. I am thinking that the setup for a high school audience might be easier with the Arduino.