Facing Error during feature generation

Created 1353 windows: cylinder: 550, rectangle: 440, sphere: 363

File “/home/create_features.py”, line 64
axes = [‘‘thumb’, ‘index’, ‘middle’, ‘ring’, ‘pinky’’]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hi @manveenkaur

Welcome to the forum,

This is a syntax error, we don’t typically answer this kind of question. If you are getting syntax error, best to go through a tutorial on Python Coursera (if you like videos), or a Packt publishing have awesome starter ones on the subject (lots of theirs are available free, and they can be followed through in a couple of days).

Also there is not much information, question, project ID and this is not related to the Edge impulse platform. Please have a look through the guidelines, and other posts to get an idea of the question formation and format we follow.

Ok back to the apparent problem you encountered. You have quotes around the whole array and need to remove them. Updated line should be as follows:
axes = ['thumb', 'index', 'middle', 'ring', 'pinky']