Extract_imu_syntiant_features was not declared

I didn’t retrain the impulse. I tried my old zip library, and it worked.
But the recently downloaded zip library shows errors on Arduino IDE.

In file included from C:\Users\VIN\Documents\Arduino\libraries\clockwise_inferencing\src/edge-impulse-sdk/classifier/ei_run_classifier.h:36,
                 from C:\Users\VIN\Documents\Arduino\libraries\clockwise_inferencing\src/clockwise_inferencing.h:49,
                 from C:\Users\VIN\Documents\Arduino\libraries\clockwise_inferencing\examples\static_buffer\static_buffer\static_buffer.ino:18:
C:\Users\VIN\Documents\Arduino\libraries\clockwise_inferencing\src/model-parameters/dsp_blocks.h:48:10: error: 'extract_imu_syntiant_features' was not declared in this scope

Hi @Vincy,

The code structure has changed couple of months ago to include sub-directories. Unfortunately the Arduino IDE doesn’t support it, you’ll need to compile the code using the shell scripts provided in the repo, see our documentation for more details: On your Syntiant TinyML Board - Edge Impulse Documentation

Let me know if it helps,