External microphone for Arduino nano 33 BLE sense

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to choose an external MEMS microphone and to connect it to the Nano 33 BLE sense board?
My idea is to use it instead of the on-board mic to capture sound in a more physically constrained place.

I really like the mp34dt01 but I have no idea if there are any Arduino drivers available for it, nor if there’s an easy breakout board…

Take a look at: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=632655.0

Thanks ron333,

but I don’t see clearly how I could you use the information to add an external mic.

Thanks Jan,
I’ll see if I can find a solution and post it here.

Hello guys!
Any solution found here? I am interested in having external microphone as well!

Hi Fytos,
I haven’t found a solution yet. But still very interested in it.
I’m considering the SparkFun MEMS Microphone breakout board INMP401 (ADMP401) and the Vesper S-VM1001-S which comes in form of a two-mic slider evaluation board.
No idea yet how to use them instead of the Nano on-board mic.

I am interested as well for a solution. I have downloaded the cpp files of the project. I saw that in the edge impulse ei_microphone.cpp code it uses PDM library. So in my understanding could I replace the microphone without changing much of the code with another PDM compatible microphone such as Adafruit PDM MEMS Microphone Breakout?

I saw that the CLK ( PDMCLK) is connected on GPIO 42 in the arduino schematics and the data output of the microphone is connected on GPIO 43. But I can’t find where those GPIO’s are declared in the edge impulse files so I can change them to my own GPIOs.

@janjongboom do you think something like this would work?

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@Rneofy, as long as you get data from the microphone you can run your impulse with it. For the Nano 33 BLE Sense we just used the PDM library that is compatible with it, and there everything was set up already - so not sure how to configure. In other cases we use DMA buffers to get data, or use the driver from the vendor.

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I will try to create an external mic on the NANO 33 BLE sense

For that I bought an Arduino NANO 33 BLE (seen on the right) which is essential a NANO sense without the sense parts but overal equal.

For the PDM mic I will try this Adafruit PDM MEMS Microphone breakout board

comparing datasheets I think it could work… waiting for the mic now :cowboy_hat_face:

it can be done and it works , but its not very practical.

my conclusion: stick with the (better) Arduino 33 BLE sense mic build-in :sunglasses:


Cool, thanks for sharing this setup! Are there other combinations of tinyML-capable board + external MEMS mic that should work better?