Export your datasets

We’ve deployed a feature which we use a lot ourselves, which is to export your current dataset (both training and testing data) into a single .zip file which can be imported into a new project using the Edge Impulse Uploader.

To export your dataset, go to Dashboard > Export.


Then select your export format (for free users there’s only one option right now, you may have more options under your enterprise account), and click Export:


This will start a job and once finished a zip file will automatically download. Data in the zip file is split between a training and a testing folder, depending on where the file was located.

Note: this only includes non-deleted data.


Hey Jan!

I have the free account and tried this and only get the .json files no matter the option I choose. How do I get the wav files?

Hey @Karl, WAV data is a bit special as the uploader converts it into structured data already before it hits ingestion - which is why you get it back this way. You can get the wav file per data item by clicking on the three dots next to the item in data acquisition and clicking “Download WAV” - a bit of a workaround though, but I hope it helps.

Will file a ticket to download the entire dataset in WAV format, but the data there might be downsampled and will have their metadata or extra sectors stripped.

Got it, and understood. Just checking before all the clicky-clickys.


If it’s a lot of data, you can use https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/reference#listsamples to get the data IDs. The URL to download the WAV file is always in the same format (only ID changes).

Now have added a WAV export (Dashboard > Export). Will be live later today!