Exception: Could not find the file error when running from firmware on openMV H7

Hi, when trying to run the script provided in the firmware folder for the openMV download, it says Exception: Could not find the file.
My project ID is 179145
I am doing a simple model to distinguish between a face, computer, and background using a FLIR lepton 2.5.
I am using a openMV H7, however I also get the issue with a spare M7 board I have.
I have checked I am uploading the right firmware for each board. I believe the tflite file is too big to put on the board so I can’t run it as a library.
It appears to be a very similar issue to this post: Continual ‘Exception: Could not find the file’ error - #7 by dpgraham2012
Is there something simple I am missing or can someone lead me in the right direction?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Update: Changed from MobileNetV2 96x96 0.35 to MobileNetV2 96x96 0.1 and it works fine. Maybe there is an issue with building firmware for MobileNetV2 96x96 0.35?
The 0.1 model predicted 319K RAM usage and 282.7K flash usage, and 0.35 model predicted 350.9K RAM and 671.4K flash usage which both should be well within the capabilities of the H7 R2 board, being 1MB RAM and 2MB flash

The alpha parameter controls the ML Regularization function. Higher alpha may help overfitting at the cost of speed and ML Model library footprint. Like you found out, lowering alpha reduced the memory footprint. See this link for some alpha performance characteristics.

I agree with you in that I also do not understand why a Model with a predicted 350kiB RAM usage would not run on a device with 1MiB RAM.

Can you try to print out some memory usage stats to see were the memory gets eaten up?