ESP8266_ML_Edge impulse

Can I do the edge impulse simulation with ESP8266?. Currently, I couldn’t do the practical session. Could it be done by CLI or ingestion method?

Is there any method(platforms) that supports ML to esp8266?. Hopefully, I am expecting a reply.

Hello @jeff_edgeimpulse,

ESP8266 has constraints ressources and is not officially supported yet by Edge Impulse however, you should be able to run small models such as motion recognition using the C++ libraries. Note that I haven’t tested yet on my side.

Do not hesitate to share a bit more of your project so I can guide you in the right direction. I aslo have a couple of ESP8266 with me so I’d be able to test it if you have any trouble.

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Thank you @louis.I will share my concept related to ESP8266 and Edge impulse very shortly.

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@louis I think I need to first establish the overall path between Edge Impulse and 8266 workings. That means the library access, deployment, establishing a connection by HTTP or any other method that could connect like a cloud platform. Some basic establishment with ESP8266.That’s what I’m looking for.

I am interested in getting a model running on the 8266 as well.

I have several esp32 boards running a classification and sending sensor data to the 8266 and I would like to run a prediction on the 8266. These are connected over ESP Now and based on a prediction I would like to update my database.

Would something like this be possible @louis