ESP32 using Arduino and FOMO

I’m using an AI Thinker ESP32 and a FOMO model. I’d like to use grayscale but don’t know how to change the example so that it works.
There are so many parameters and if I don’t use RGB as raw features and a resolution of less than 240 pixels the script keeps throwing errors like:
Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic’ed (StoreProhibited). Exception was unhandled

Hi @Merten

I’m not sure what step you modified, which doc are you following?

The error you are having has been encountered previously please try following the steps listed here to debug your issue:



You set the grayscale/RGB on the Impulse Design-Image page.

Yeah I know that I can change it there but the exported example program isn’t getting changed based on the settings I choose.

If you change the Color Depth on the Image page, then you need to work down the left navigation tree again, aka, you must redo tasks on pages:

  • Impulse Design - Object Detection
  • [optional] EON Tuner
  • [optional, if you selected a new model from the EON Tuner] Retrain model
  • [optional] Model Testing <–NOTE: The Set Confidence Threshold value you set here DOES get deployed to the Deployed FOMO Model.
  • Deployment