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I don’t have the “ESP EYE” board, but I have another “esp32” board. I connected the microphone INMP441, SD-33 pin, SCK-32 pin, WS-26 pin, L/R - gnd. When trying to record audio (when you click on start sample), an error appears in the photo. I guess I didn’t connect the microphone leads correctly. Help is needed.

Hi @RioRio,

Only the ESP-EYE is supported as an official board for Edge Impulse. We cannot promise that other ESP32-based boards will work with the CLI and directly with Studio. The second image you posted shows that Studio cannot reach the ESP32 over UART. You have a few options:

  1. You can try running the Edge Impulse firmware on your ESP32 board and see if it will connect to Studio or the CLI tool (Espressif ESP-EYE | Edge Impulse Documentation). Because that board is not supported, I doubt this will work (but it might). You’d also have to make sure you are using the exact same sensors (camera, microphone, etc.) as the ESP-EYE connected to the exact same pins.
  2. If #1 fails, you will need to write your own program for your ESP32 to capture sensor data (e.g. audio files), save them to your computer or SD card, and upload them directly to Edge Impulse Studio.