ESP32-EYE not working

I saved the .bin in the esp, which seems to have worked, but when giving the daemon command, the device looks like this:

Has anyone used the ESP32-EYE with edge impulse? Can you help me ?

PS C:\Users\eduardo.pereira\Documents\Espressif\frameworks\esp-idf-v5.1.2> edge-impulse-data-forwarder --frequency 1000
Edge Impulse data forwarder v1.23.1
Websocket: wss://

? Which device do you want to connect to? COM19 (Microsoft)
[SER] Connecting to COM19
[SER] Serial is connected (34::8:5::18::8:C::50::D:4)
[WS ] Connecting to wss://
[WS ] Connected to wss://

[SER] Detecting data frequency…
[SER] Failed to get information off device No valid sensor readings received from device. Note that the data forwarder can only auto-detect frequencies >2Hz. You can override the frequency via --frequency.

Hi, @EduardoPereira1993 !

It seems like you are working with the ESP32-EYE and Edge Impulse, and you’re encountering some issues with the data forwarder. To provide you with the most accurate assistance, I’d like to clarify a few things about your project:

  1. Project Goal: Are you trying to run a precompiled machine learning model on your ESP32-EYE for inference, or are you in the data collection phase, where you’re trying to gather sensor data to send to Edge Impulse for training a model?
  2. Setup Details: Could you provide more details about your setup? For instance, what kind of sensors are connected to your ESP32-EYE, if any, and what type of data are you trying to collect (e.g., images, audio, accelerometer data)?
  3. .bin File: When you mention that you saved the “.bin” in the ESP, which .bin are you referring to?
  4. Frequency Parameter: You’ve used a frequency parameter of 1000Hz with the Edge Impulse data forwarder. Is there a specific reason for choosing this high frequency? Knowing more about the type of data you’re collecting will help in determining if this frequency is appropriate.

Understanding these aspects will help me provide you with more targeted advice on how to resolve the issue you’re facing with the Edge Impulse data forwarder and your ESP32-EYE.

  1. Project Goal :

I’m just trying to connect the device for data collection.

  1. Setup Details :

I’m interested in just using the camera.

  1. .bin File :

I’m loading the binary that edge impulse provides: Espressif ESP-EYE (ESP32) - Edge Impulse Documentation

  1. Frequency Parameter :

I set this frequency randomly, just for testing.

Thanks for your help

If you want to collect the data, you need to use a different command. You can see it on this page Espressif ESP-EYE (ESP32) - Edge Impulse Documentation.

Hi, I already followed this tutorial and I can’t do it. I can’t understand the problem

Did you resolve this?

okay, you are on a right track. I see you are running edge-impulse-daemon and it does not see the device.
Can you connect to the device with Putty and see what it outputs if you press the reset button?