ESP32 EYE and Object Recognition


I have successfully deployed Edge Impulse using an Arduino Nano BLE sense for audio detection.

I now have a new use case for object recognition, namely, I wish to count traffic and categorise the vehicles into the following groups:

Bus / Coach

Does anyone have any comment on using the ESP EYE, as all of the demos online just have one or two object types. Before I get started, I would like to know if this is likely to be too much for Microcontroller such as the ESP?


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Hi @c.cooper

That isn’t a lot of classes, so you should be ok.

Object tracking is what you are after here, have a look at our FOMO which was created specifically for constrained devices:


Entertaining real world look at FOMO by Shawn here, here he’s using a more powerful MCU than the ESP32 but still you can get reasonable performance from the esp32 once you can deal with slightly slower counting / inference :



Thank you very much.