ESP32 detect specific gesture on completion


I’ve just discovered Edge Impulse today and I’ve been learning a lot.

I have created a project, uploaded data, and deployed the library. I’ve been able to get the serial monitor to output what classification is being detected but I’m stuck there.

I’m hoping what I’m trying to do is possible, any guidance would be appreciated.

The goal is to use the MPU6050 sensor to track motion and when a specific gesture is complete, call a function. An example would be drawing a letter, I want it to detect the letter based on the sample data and only trigger when the letter is complete and correct. If whatever is being drawn isn’t in the data, then it shouldn’t trigger anything.

Currently I have “idle” and “gesture1” and any quick movements of the sensor trigger a high value on gesture1.

From what I can find it looks like I want to do a rolling buffer comparison but I’m not sure if that will actually filter out the incorrect gestures properly. The timeframe I’m looking at for comparing is about 2.5 to 3 seconds for the gesture to complete.

I’m currently working with Arduino IDE but recently found a post mentioning ESP IDF is the better direction to go, so I will be looking into that as well.

Thank you very much for any help you can give!

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Hi @ynothna

Have a look through our expert project, there are a lot of arduino and esp ones that you can use as a base to get started:

This one is not on esp32 but uses the same sensor and should give you a lot of food for thought on how to approach this:



Also if this is for commercial use I would suggest working with our sales / solutions team to find the best plan that fits your usage and gets you the best support in getting this to the market.

Its also a requirement of our usage policy, so you would be best to get that support early on it the journey :grin: :rocket:



Amazing, thank you! I will check those out :slight_smile:

If this starts heading in a commercial direction I will absolutely reach out to them, for now I’m just playing around and learning some new things.