ESP32-CAM camera won't initialize (Object Detection AI Model Library)

So I’ve created an Object detection model using edge impulse and I have exported it as an arduino library. When I try to run the example code from the library it successfully compiles, however, the serial monitor just displays “ERR: Camera is not initialized
Failed to capture image”. My esp32 is powered by my pc. All the connections are good. I can even run the basic esp32 camera web server example and it works fine. What could be wrong??? HELP

Check the EdgeImpulse Github Using with other ESP32 boards.

You’ll need to determine what compatiable camera you have:


More concretely, you will need to change the #define here.

I have found the correct version of my camera and did all of this but it doesn’t fix the problem.

@louis What can you add here?

Can you verify that the camera is properly plugged into your ESP32, eventually remove the connector and plug it again.
Also, which camera version do you have? OV3660 or OV2640?

If it is still not working, can you try with another board, the camera or the connector might be broken…



Hi @louis ,

here is an observation:

when i use arduino-esp32 version 1.0.6 , i wrote a small camera application for my ESP32-WROVER, and the camera initializes.

when i update to a arduino-esp32 version above 1.0.6, my camera will not initialize.

kind regards,
rey malahay