Errors with "Officially supported boards" ESP32 CAM and RP2040 Pi Pico

Question/Issue: I’ve been trying to use the original RP Pi Pico with the official firmware released for it, I followed all the steps. I hold the button, connects the board, drag and drop the firmware, wait to upload, re-connect but when I try to run the daemon, it just get stucked.
I’ve used the board with Micro Python and it works fine, also looks what it shows in the device manager:

It could be because powering the RP2040 just by USB?

Hello @mcmchris,

Just to confirm, you cannot see your device under the device page on EI Studio correct after you launched the daemon, correct?
Also, can you make it work with the WebUSB feature (under the Data Acquisition page on EI studio):



Once I type ´edge-impulse-daemon’ the Serial monitor get freezed. And it doesn’t show up on the Edge Impulse Web UI. The WebUSB also fails.

Hi! I found the solution to this annoying problem.
I needed to compile the firmware locally and in the PICO-SDK >src>rp2_common>pico_stdio_usb>include>pico>stdio_usb.h I just needed to set the variable:

(default is set to 1)

This error is happening on Win 10 and 11

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