Errors by deploying a model

Hello everyone,

I have been using this platform to build something and almost everything was great until i got some errors that i would like to share with you.

First of all, in order to get the the Thingy91 connected to the Edge Impulse platform, the device must be in the MCUboot and then flashing the firmware

The question is, after deploying step which means after building the firmware, i was forced to set the device again in the MCUboot, in order to be able of flashing the new built firmware.
in this case, after flashing the new new built firmware, i cant use any serial terminal because i lost the first connection between the thingy91 and the platform.

would you pls tell me, what should i do in this case ??
and also if there are some special settings, which have to be done for the serial terminal??

Many thanks in advance for your answer

Best regards

Hello @Obeyda

Could you try to use edge-impulse-daemon --clean to see if you can attach that device again to the studio?