Error while splitting CSV data

**Question/Issue:*I am building a system to detect faults in a particular machine. I gathered data from my ESP32-DOIT board at an interval of 5 seconds with 43 different sensors and stored the data in csv format. But when I upload the data(idle, nominal, and fault), I keep getting a data split error which is shown in the picture attached. I also noticed that only two of the csv files are categorized under training while the fault csv file is directly pushed to test. I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.


**Project ID:128010

**Context/Use case:Sensor Fusion

Correction: 4 different sensors not 43.

@that_hardware_guy welcome to the EI forum.

Try this:

  • Goto your project in the EI Studio
  • Select the Dashboard from the navigation pane on the left
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard
  • Click the button Perform Train/Test Split

Thanks @MMarcial. This resolved the error.