Error while running "edge impulse runner"

Hello , I have this issue that whenever I am trying to run edge-impluse runner on rpi, I get this error as shown in the image

Why is it happening. I have already trained my model on the website but it is throwing this error. Also, I have three different projects on the website. How does edge impulse library know which model to download?

Hello @prarthana,

Have you selected the right project?
From the logs I can see that your model is not trained.
Make sure to fully train your project before deploying it.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Hello @ Louis,
Thanks for reverting back. However, I am slightly confused on how to select the right project. I have 3-4 ongoing project in which all of them are trained but I am not able to figure out how to select edge impulse sdk for the required project?

Run with the --clean argument.

$ edge-impulse-linux-runner --clean
Edge Impulse Linux runner v1.3.12
? What is your user name or e-mail address ( 

It will prompt for email, password and then present you with a list of your projects in the Edge Impulse Studio.