Error when loading static buffer on ESP-32 Cam Wrover for object detection

Hi, I’ve just started to play with Edge Impulse and currently I’m trying to run an object detection code on ESP-32 CAM Wrover. So far, I passed all the steps on Edge Impulse platform but I’m having a hard time to upload the exemple named “Static Buffer”.

When uploading the sketch, I get this error :

static_buffer:84:34: error: 'print_inference_result' was not declared in this scope
exit status 1
'print_inference_result' was not declared in this scope

Does anyone has encoutered this error and has a solution for this problem ?

Thank you for your help !


I think this a bug. We will fix this. You can (in the meantime) declare print_inference_result above the setup() as follows:

void print_inference_result(ei_impulse_result_t result);

 * @brief      Arduino setup function
void setup()

Yes, this is what I did and it worked.

Thanks for your reply