Error when flashing Arduino Nano33 BLE

I get the following when attempting to flash the Arduino (for Mac)

You’re using an untested version of Arduino CLI, this might cause issues (found: 0.34.2, expected: 0.18.x)

Finding Arduino Mbed core…

Finding Arduino Mbed OK

Finding Arduino Nano 33 BLE…

Finding Arduino Nano 33 BLE OK

Flashing board…

Error finding build artifacts: autodetect build artifact: could not find a valid build artifact

Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Hi @IceCold welcome to the forum!

It looks like you need to uninstall the latest and install 0.18:

If you used brew uninstall can be performed via:

brew uninstall arduino-cli

For 0.18 install steps, and other platform uninstall steps see: