Error on K-means impulse design block

Hi, all.

Always thank you for your awesome edge impulse.

I got an error while designing impulse, I would like advice.

The project info is as follows.

There is a problem that cannot be deployed on the himax WE-1 board.

Please advise what’s wrong in case: 0

Hi @SunBeenMoon,

I’ll open an issue. In the meantime can you select the Himax GNU target instead? This should fix the problem.


Thank you for your reply.

Do you mean to build using Himax GNU instead of using the project I’m using above?

I answered a bit too fast. For now you can manually build the Himax firmware using GNU toolchain but you’ll need to export the C++ library first and replace it in the default firmware here:

I’ll keep you posted on the compile error using the K-means block.


Hi @SunBeenMoon, interesting issue with the MetaWare compiler you found there. We’re pushing out a hotfix later today.

Thank your reply @janjongboom @aurel

I’ll keep trying about this block with GNU toolchain~.
If there is an update, I will leave it!