Error message when connecting device


When opening the app on my Iphone, I get this error message (IOS_Common_Libraries.BasicHTT-PResponse error 1.).
Due to this error message, I am not able to connect my Thingy53.
I have already used the app on this phone and it went without problems until yesterday.

Do you have any insights into whether this problem is just related to my phone and what solutions there are?

Kind regards

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Hi @Rhune

Thank you for your post we have identified the error is with the application client, and isolated to the IOS version, you can use an Android one as a work around if you have an android tablet available. Failing that of course you can also use our firmware build as an option in our Web gui. As you would for any other target device.

We are working with the team that created the app now, and will post here once its available from the Apple store.




You should be able to download the fixed version in an update from the apple store now.

Thanks again for reporting this.