Error loading edge impulse firmware on Grove visionAI (gen1)

I’m working on a project using edge impulse on a seeed studios grove visionAI board. I was able to get my board flashed with the edge impulse firmware without a problem, however when one of the other members of my team tried she has run into an issue while trying to get the firmware installed. We’ve followed the instructions on the edge impulse tutorial page, but when we attempt to copy the firmware .uf2 file this error message occurs? I’m wondering if it might be linked to the computer she is using or maybe the firmware for the boufallo labs chip that is for the UART?
meghan's error message

I’ve seen this happening in other posts on the seeed studio forum, but their product support seems really spotty. If I could go back I’d use different hardware, but this is a school project and we are facing crunch time to have everything ready.

Hi @ncharlesw1

Drivers version mismatch, usb port, and user permissions can lead to this problem. Help troubleshooting these 3 points one of them must be responsible.