Error including Arduino Library

I have successfully downloaded the Model as Arduino library. But when I am importing the .zip library in Arduino IDE, its reporting error that “ZIP doesn’t contain library”. Is there something I am missing.

@timothy.malche Which Arduino IDE version are you using?

I’ve just tested this with Arduino 1.8.14 and the Arduino Pro IDE 2.0.0-beta.7.

I am using version 1.8.13

Can you upgrade the Arduino IDE version to the latest here: :ok_hand:

Sure…can I use latest version 1.8.15…thanks

I have installed the latest version but still getting the same error. However I have manually imported the library but going through the example file nano_ble33_sense_microphone.ino I am getting PDM.h file not found error.

@timothy.malche Do you have the Arduino Nano 33 BLE board selected in the IDE? The PDM library is part of the core.

Ohh. Actually I am using M5Stack 2 ESP32. It has built in Microphone. So how to do on that? Any Example?

Ah, check. In that case you’ll need to change the PDM handling code to something that can read the microphone on the M5Stack2. Does it have an example sketch with microphone handling code by any chance?

it has some example. can you please help.

In the record.ino how can I use the microphonedata0 with Model Code.

Hi, recommended steps are to start with our “Hello World” example project ( Clone this to bring this into your Edge Impulse account.

Under deployment tab you want to export as Arduino library. Extract the zip file and then go to examples\nano_ble33_sense_microphone.ino. From this simple code example you should be able to understand which SDK functions you need to use. M5Stack has a different microphone so replace the references to the PDM code with the appropriate functions from record.ino.

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