Error in the deployment phase-Nicla Vision

Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial “Image Classification with Edge Impulse” to train a custom machine learning model with Edge Impulse and perform image classification on the Arduino Nicla Vision. Here is the link to the tutorial:
I created my project on Edge Impulse and followed all the steps in the tutorial:

1.Creating a Data Set, 2. Uploading the Data to Edge Impulse, 3. Acquire Data, 4. Create an Impulse, 5. Generate Features, 6. Train the Model, 7. Test the Model.

However, I am facing an issueduring the deployment phase, specifically in the deployment section when creating the firmware in “Build Output” It gives me the following error:


I have tried with different types of neural networks, specifically selecting MobileNetV2 96x96 0.1 as suggested in the tutorial, but I still encounter the same issue.
I would like to understand why and how I could resolve it, thank you

Project ID

Hi @Anna_Marino

I think this is the same question as the other post, try setting nicla vision as the deploy option instead of OpenMV: