Error in the deployment phase-Nicla Vision

Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial “Image Classification with Edge Impulse” to train a custom machine learning model with Edge Impulse and perform image classification on the Arduino Nicla Vision. Here is the link to the tutorial:
I created my project on Edge Impulse and followed all the steps in the tutorial:

1.Creating a Data Set, 2. Uploading the Data to Edge Impulse, 3. Acquire Data, 4. Create an Impulse, 5. Generate Features, 6. Train the Model, 7. Test the Model.

However, I am facing an issueduring the deployment phase, specifically in the deployment section when creating the firmware in “Build Output” It gives me the following error:


I have tried with different types of neural networks, specifically selecting MobileNetV2 96x96 0.1 as suggested in the tutorial, but I still encounter the same issue.
I would like to understand why and how I could resolve it, thank you

Project ID

Hi @Anna_Marino

I think this is the same question as the other post, try setting nicla vision as the deploy option instead of OpenMV:



Hi @Anna_Marino, I’m facing your exact issue… Did you manage to solve it? Unfortunately the solution suggested by @Eoin is not working for me :frowning:
Thanks a lot


Hi @apagliari @Anna_Marino

We are working to reduce the size of the OpenMV firmware at present, there has been one revision last week that reduced some size of the firmware and this week we hope to further reduce the size.