Error in object classification model in node-red

So I have trained and got a model to do image classification. It passes the test when tested in Live classification but fails when I use the wasm object in node-red-contrib-edge-impulse. I suspect that EI Studio automatically resizes my 640x480 image to 96x96 when testing and I need to do the same before I send the JSON object to this node.
Also, I have downloaded the .eim file in linux to test the model. Is there any documentation about how to use ./modelfile.eim stdin ?

It seems to work now - I used jimp to resize the image and pass the result to node-red-contrib-edge-impulse and got positive hit @ 50% and unknown @ 48% confidence (rest negative). EI Studio shows this:


@swapan Correct, you need to feed data in in the right size; great to see it works!