Error in Model Testing

Hello, I have just trained my model to create bounding boxes around images. I set it up using a JSON file. I can retrain, tune, and deploy, but I cannot test my model as I get an error. My model is trained using the “Renesas / YOLOv5 for Renesas DRP-AI” model, so my images are in 320x320, but all my training data have objects within the view. I am using the image processing block and using the object detection (images) learning block.

Attached to job 6213313...
Scheduling job in cluster...
Job started
Generating features for Image...
Not generating new features: features already genre,ated and no options or files have changed.

No new features, skipping...

Generating features for Image OK

Reducing dimensions for Image...
No new features, skipping...

Reducing dimensions for Image OK

Classifying data for Object detection...
Copying features from processing blocks...
Copying features from DSP block...
Copying features from DSP block OK
Copying features from processing blocks OK

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toString')

Hello @TheBluJay1,

Could you share your project ID so I can have a deeper look please?



@louis, Here is the project ID 174277


I can reproduce this. I’ll create an internal ticket. I’ve been able to work-around it by

  1. going to Image page Save parameters > Generate features.
  2. Then retrain your model
  3. Run model testing

Let me know if the above works for you.

Works perfectly, thanks!