Error compiling for ESP32

I collected the data for the MPU6050 sensor using an ESP32.

I was trying to compile an edge impulse library for ESP32 using the Arduino CLI but I am not able to compile it.
I only get the error when I use the custom edge impulse library.

I have attached a screenshot of the error below.

Please help me out with the error.

Thank you

Hello @nilutpolkashyap ,

You’re trying to compile ARM neural network functions but the ESP32 does not use an ARM architectures. The ESP32 uses Tensilica architectures.

Also note that we’ve recently release an official support for ESP32 using the esp-idf, you’ll get better performances than using Arduino tools as it leverages esp-nn instructions.



Hi, thank you for your help. I found the solution at Multple definition of funtion

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