Error 500 when POSTing to Ingestion service?

Am I the only one issues when posting data to the Ingestion service? It used to work until ~4hours ago, and I don’t think I’ve changed anything in my code. Thanks!

Hi @kartben2, thanks for reporting - investigating now.

@kartben2 We’re back. We rolled out a change in infrastructure earlier today, and the S3 bucket where ingestion data was stored was accidentally set to the staging service (which production naturally does not have access to). Unfortunately we didn’t run our test suite automatically on the infrastructure repos and I was not paying attention to our CloudWatch logs! Thanks again for reporting, and we’ll run our integration tests on infra changes in the future too.

Thanks! BTW didn’t realize that I was posting here as “@kartben2” – FYI I had to create another account since after deleting all my projects in my account “@kartben”, I can’t seem to be able to create a new project anymore (nothing happens when I try to).

@kartben2 This has now been deployed to production!

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