ERR: failed to initialize camera (on 33BLE Sense)

I used Edge Impulse to build a model for my arduino 33 BLe sense. I built the model using the default microphone sensor MFE variables and NN algorithm, and did everything according to the tutorial, nothing exotic.

Then I chose to get a ready-to-go binary for my arduino 33 BLe sense.
When i clicked on the .bat file for windows, it uploaded to the arduino 33 ble sense. However on the serial terminal it only printed:
> ERR: Failed to initialize camera
Loaded configuration

and when I use edge-impulse-run-impulse
i get:
Inferencing settings:
Interval: 0.06 ms.
Frame size: 48000
Sample length: 3000 ms.
No. of classes: 3
ERR: Failed to setup audio sampling

It did the same problem on another arduino, seems it’s not the hardware. So now i’m stuck… it worked yesterday, and for some reason now it don’t. I tried deleting my impulse and making it again, same result… please help

Hi @fleurda, my guess would be out of memory with the 3 second impulse length (taking up 100K RAM buffer, plus any other code that’s running). If you do:

edge-impulse-run-impulse --continuous

What do you see? If this does not work, reducing the length of your impulse will probably work (just tested this on a smaller length on my Nano).

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Hi, thanks, indeed when i went back to 2000ms of time window the algorithm worked again. It seems that you are right!
although the error message is not very informative…

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@fleurda Agree! Have created a ticket for the team.