ERR: Failed to find sensor 'x + y + z' in the sensor list

I’ve followed the example of Continuous Motion Recognition (Continuous motion recognition - Edge Impulse Documentation) using a PICO and MPU6050.
system - UBUNTU 22.04 VM on Windows 11 host.
Everything works until deploy, then - ERR: Failed to find sensor ‘x + y + z’ in the sensor list

Any advice ?
Thank you.

Hi @kiwiben,

The MPU6050 is not supported on the Pico out of the box for Edge Impulse. Only the LSM6DS3 is supported for an IMU (see here for more information). You can still work with the MPU6050, but you will need to write your own driver (or use a community library) to read raw sensor data and upload it to Edge Impulse (i.e. using the data forwarder or as JSON/CSV files).

Hope that helps!