ERR: DeadlineExceeded

ERR: DeadlineExceeded - Job was active longer than specified deadline Try decreasing the number of windows or reducing the number of training cycles. If the error persists then you can contact support at to increase this time limit.

Terminated by user

Job failed (see above


Hey @liran I’ve upped the compute time limit for project 24386 now!

Hello sir, how do you achieve this in EI?

@ManuelGonzalez our helpful user success people can do this if you send the project ID to :slight_smile:

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@janjongboom hello sir, my project: 2272397 have the same problem. Please tell me how to fix it
Thanks a lot!

Hi @vtmkhoi,

That project ID seems to be too long. Take a look at the URL for your project–the ID is the 4 or 5 digit number in the URL. Could you please send that number to