ERR: DeadlineExceeded - Job was active longer than specified deadline

@janjongboom I tried the procedures on the tutorial for the Water Faucet Sound Classification Tutorial using my use case rsiquijor-project-1 (Sound classification of Ambient sound, motor vehicle, and an alert buzzer sound). At first I tried with 2 labels (Environmental Noise vs Motor Vehicle) and trying to add a 3rd one (Alert) sound. In process of doing so, I added the additional datasets and label them accordingly, but whenever I try to create an Impulse using MFCC, I get this error on the regeneration of the features, “ERR: DeadlineExceeded - Job was active longer than specified deadline”. Can you please point me to direction on what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

@rsiquijor Can you up your window increase setting a bit (on the create impulse screen)? This reduces the time the process will take (limited to 10 minutes right now). Should not have a big effect on the performance of your ML model.

@janjongboom yes, I figured that was my problem. I completed it now. Thanks!

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