EON tuner, updating Window size & increase

The EON tuner is an awesome tool…

I am however struggling with getting the Window size and Window increase updated, when i correct them in the impulse design.
I accidentally bumped up the window size from 200->2000ms and the window increase from 50->500, and when adjusting them down again, and trying to rerun the EON tuner, it doesn’t seem to get the new, lower values.

Is there a way to reinit the EON tuner

Hello @opprud,

I’m trying to reproduce this error on my side.
In the meantime, could you try to regenerate the features with the updated windows parameters and then launch the EON tuner again?


Hi Morten, the window length / increase are fixed right now in the tuner, at 1000ms, 2000ms, 4000ms and the increase to 50%, 75% and 100% of the window size. We’ll make this configurable at some point in the near future.

cc @mathijs