EON open source?

I am very interested in using the EON compiler on a model that I have already trained so I am just wondering if the code for it is available somewhere?
Apart from that I also got a few questions, is there any plan to introduce an upload function for an already trained model? and is there a faster way to upload a csv file with already labeled acc/gyro data then to make seperate json files for each entry and then use the API. This takes me more than a day to upload.


Hi @Fred1,

At this time, the EON Compiler is not open source. Please see this discussion.

Right now, you cannot upload an already trained model on the free version. The enterprise version supports a way to upload a custom model for use in transfer learning.

Edge Impulse supports uploading data as CSV files. If you are using the uploader tool, you can use multiple threads to make the upload process faster. Please see this discussion. If you are scripting the upload process in Python, I recommend taking a look at this example to see how to use the API with multiple threads.

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