EI Dictionary and Definitions

Request for an EI Dictionary so we all use the same words or phrases when referring to identical items.

For example, on the Studio Deployment page you can Build Firmware for supported devices:


I have never seen Build Firmware referred to as Build Firmware but as many other names:

  • default firmware
  • firmware bundle
  • firmware source code
  • pre-compiled firmware

Request for EI Studio object declarations.

Likewise, in the EI Studio:

  • On the left side there is a navigation pane. How should one refer to this?


  • On some pages there is a menu or are they tabs. A frame around them describing what they are would help with the referal process when trying to describe how to use the Studio.

  • On the Studio Dashboard there is a section on the right. How should one refer to this area:


  • On the Impulse Design page, 4 headers would be useful: Input Blocks, Processing Blocks, Learning Blocks, Output Blocks. I use the term Input Blocks because if you refresh the page you can briefly see Add an input block

Hello @MMarcial,

Thanks for your feedback.
I’m forwarding that to our UX teams.

Note that we are reviewing now the user flows and the design for a better experience.



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@MMarcial good point

@louis maybe launch at some point in time A/B testing to ‘test’ the user experience.