Ei_classifer_config for Xiao ESP32S3 microcontrollers

Hi, I’ve been following a tutorial regarding implementing TinyML into the Xiao ESP32S3 module and saw that they recommended changing the EI_CLASSIFIER_TFLITE_ENABLE_ESP_NN value from 1 to 0. However, when looking at the ei_classifer_config file, it seems like an ESP32S3 check function exists, and the tutorial was published before this function was defined in the code. Given that there is a new update to the config file, what changes (if any) do I need to make to the ei_classifer_config file so that the Edge Impulse ML Model runs on the Xiao ESP32 S3?

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Thanks for the interest @ianc and well spotted!

We are working on some updates to bump the IDF version, this section will be revised in the near future. For now you are best to stay with: EI_CLASSIFIER_TFLITE_ENABLE_ESP_NN as 0

We will post once this feature is tested and available.

Also the guide you are referring to I believe is created by the community and may not be updated in sync with the release. Please share a link here so we can check with the content creator to align.



Hi @Eoin, thank you for replying. I’m currently using the tutorial published by Marcelo Rovai on Hackster.io (linked here)

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