EdgeImpulse studio uploader not working

According to EdgeImpulse documentation, here are the steps to upload your own labeled data.

  1. Annotate the target objects and save them in the provided JSON format. (Or alternatively, you can convert from other formats. Here are a few examples of how to convert).
  2. Rename the JSON file to “bounding_boxes.labels” and place it in the same folder where the images are.
  3. Upload the images together with the label file from the Studio.

But this doesn’t work. You get errors:

Error #1: If you named the label file “bounding_boxes.labels” as described in the documentation, the uploader does not recognize the extension and thus will not upload the label file. Ouch!

[1/1] Failed to process bounding_boxes.labels: extension not supported (only .wav, .cbor, .json, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4 and .csv supported)

Error #2: If you play smart and add JSON extension “bounding_boxes.labels.json”, you will get a different error.

[1/1] Failed to upload bounding_boxes.labels.json Missing protected header

@changsin You don’t need to upload the .labels file, whenever you upload an image the uploader automatically finds the labels file. So you can do:

edge-impulse-uploader blah.jpg

(or *.jpg to get all images)

And as long as there’s a labels file in the same folder the labels are automatically applied.

The second error is because you can upload sensor data in JSON format, but it needs to be in the Data Acquisition Format, so not suitable for labels :-)*