Edge supported device that is compatible with ESP32-WROVER

Hi all

I have an ESP32-WROVER board. what Edge supported board is compatible with it?

at the moment am getting the following response from my ESP32-WRover board:

03:51:03.380 -> ERR: Camera is not initialized

03:51:03.380 -> Failed to capture image

UPDATE: 2024/01/25
this is the message the appears when the board first initializes.

11:13:57.763 -> Edge Impulse Inferencing Demo
11:13:57.763 -> E (40) camera: Camera probe failed with error 0x105(ESP_ERR_NOT_FOUND)
11:13:57.763 -> Camera init failed with error 0x105
11:13:57.763 -> Failed to initialize Camera!

thanks in advance,
rey malahay

Hi @reymalahay,

The ESP32-WROVER is not officially supported by Edge Impulse. As a result, you will need to export the Edge Impulse project as an Arduino library or a C++ library. From there, you will need to write code to capture an image from the camera, scale/crop as needed, and call run_classifier(). If you use the Arduino library, it comes with a number of examples. If you use ESP-IDF, then you can use this example to see how to import the C++ library.

hi @shawn_edgeimpulse ,

thank you for the response. i’ll take a look. i will mark your response as the solution, until such time that Edge Impulse supports the ESP32-WRover board.

kind regards,
rey malahay

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