Edge Impulse versioning feature error[Bug]

I have been building a sub-project wherein I had to store different revisions of data and inferencing results. For this, I used the Edge Impulse
Versioning section to host the stored data, results and inference on Edge Impulse cloud server. However, It did not work out, maybe a bug. I created two different project versions of the project and later, restored the data to a new project. Somehow, the data did not seem to appear with the inference in either of the project. This might be the beta version of the feature, I am not so sure, just wanted to get this into notice.
Thank You!

Hi @dhruvsheth,

Could you share the project IDs for the original one and the restored ones?


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Sure thing,
Here’s the Project ID for original one: 9229
Project ID for restored one: 14067

I managed to restore both versions. It might be that you haven’t clicked on the “Restore version x” button after creating the name of the new project, as shown below:

Could you give it another try?


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Thanks! Small misconception from my side

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@dhruvsheth It’s a bit of a UI annoyance where we create the project first, then only start the restore when you click that button. We’re revamping this early in January to do it in one dialog.

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