Edge-impulse-uploader: command not found openmv

After setting up env in Linux for openmv from below link:

When I run the below script
edge-impulse-uploader --format-openmv path
it give error
edge-impulse-uploader: command not found
" I am uploading dataset through CLI to EdgeImpulse"

Hi @wamiq.raza,

First check if the CLI is properly installed. You can do this by running $ edge-impulse-daemon and see if it throws any errors.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi@oduor_c ,
Can you tell me when the OPENMV library is expected to be released? Thank you very much.

Hello @pkqxlh ,

I cannot give you a rock-solid release date for now, we will update this thread when it will be released!



@louis Thank you very much.