Edge Impulse Supported Boards that work with the Arduino IDE

I am always looking at simplifying tech. Boards that work on the Arduino IDE allow me one less thing I have to setup and teach students. My goal is to simplify loading code that students understand how to edit that does vision, sound, accelerometer, and generic sensors

As far as I know the Edge Impulse Supported boards that work on the Arduino IDE are:

  1. Arduino Nano33BleSense
  2. Arduino PortentaH7
  3. Sony Spresense JSON here. and info here
  4. ST IoT Discovery Kit JSON here, and info here

Not Supported but can do Machine Learning and work on the Arduino IDE:(These are just boards I have, probably lots more)

  1. Teensy4.0 (Possibly other versions)
  2. Arduino PicoRP2040Connect
  3. ArducamPico-4ML (Actually I can’t get it installed, but should eventually work)

Fairly sure these don’t work on the Arduino IDE: (Or in the case of the Himax WE-I Plus you can’t edit the software, and the Nordic boards you need to flash a different/hacked bootloader)

  1. SiLabs Thunderboard Sense 2

  2. Himax WE-I Plus

  3. Nordic nRF52840 DK + IKS02A1

  4. Nordic nRF5340 DK + IKS02A1

  5. Eta Compute ECM3532 AI Sensor

  6. Eta Compute ECM3532 AI Vision

I don’t think you’ll have Arduino support for 2. and 3, but for the ST IoT Discovery Kit, there is this: https://github.com/stm32duino

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Thanks, I updated my first entry. I just looked in my pile of boards and found the STM32 Discovery Kit-IOT node, that Edge Sent me. Thanks @yodaimpulse for the heads up.

Hey @yodaimpulse the STM32 Discovery Kit is fairly easy to work with. I really like the drag and drop .bin uploading and checkout these verbal “yes” “no” results.

Thanks for the heads up about the Arduino IDE.