Edge Impulse standalone inferencing (Arduino) Error

Cloned this repository locally

  1. Clone the Wildlife Camera: On Device - North America Edge Impulse project

  2. Navigate to the Deployment tab, select Arduino Library and click build. Follow the instructions to add this library to your Arduino IDE

  3. In the Arduino IDE, File->Open and then navigated to this repository, and opened the wildlife-camera-sketch/wildlife-camera-sketch.ino file

  4. Built the project and verified that it compiled correctly

There is no Sony Spresense support in the Examples list.

How to proceed? Thanks.

Kind regards.

Hi @baqwas,

We do not have Sony Spresense Arduino examples at this time. However, here are a couple of options that we recommend to get started with the Spresense:

  1. Install the Spresense Arduino library (Spresense Arduino Library Getting Started Guide). Re-write the Arduino Nano 33 BLE examples to work for the Spresense. This generally means you will need to #include the downloaded library, fill a buffer with image data, and call run_classifier().

  2. Install and use the Sony Spresense SDK (Spresense SDK Getting Started Guide (CLI)) without Arduino. Here are some examples to get you started using Edge Impulse with the Spresense SDK: