Edge Impulse library using lot of Heap memory


I’m doing Continuous speech recognition on ESP32 for my project. Edge impulse code is using more heap memory. I get around 66KB free when run the the code. I am also playing music through bluetooth. I am not able to do both speech recognition and music streaming together. My ESP32 crashes and bluetooth disconnects frequently.
I thought there could be issue with bluetooth library but it works fine TFLite speech rocognition code. So there is issue with edge impulse library.
Is there any way to reduce heap usage?

Hello @aviator2710 ,

I see several projects under your account, can you tell me which one your using for your tests?



I’m doing same project in all my posts. They are just different issues which I faced earlier. I’m doing Speech recognition on ESP32 and streaming music through bluetooth to the DAC output of ESP32.