Edge impulse in raspierry pi 3

hi i have questions

  1. I want to use edge impulse in raspberry 3 offline .
    I read it
    Linux C++ SDK - Edge Impulse Documentation

, and did everything according to the instructions,
for raspberry pi like this


and got the model model.eim. At startup I got an error,

ar@raspberrypi:~ $ ./model.eim
-bash: ./model.eim: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

what is my mistake??
2. then I tried to download the firmware for armv7 and run it on raspberry pi 3 (I hoped it would work), and it worked, but I don’t know how to transfer my sensor’s data stream to it (webcam)

Hi @Edesign,

  1. The model.eim file is not an executable, so you cannot call it with ./model.eim. It’s a model file that is to be used from another language (e.g. Python). Please see this part of the document (Linux C++ SDK - Edge Impulse Documentation) for more information.

  2. To modify the code to run inference on captured images, I recommend viewing this example (which is linked from the document page you are referring to): https://github.com/edgeimpulse/example-standalone-inferencing-linux/blob/master/source/camera.cpp. Note that this example is in C++. If you are looking for Python, you can find some examples here: linux-sdk-python/examples at master · edgeimpulse/linux-sdk-python · GitHub

@shawn_edgeimpulse thanks for the answer

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