Edge impulse for Linux. Cannot see the cam image

I cannot see the camera image when type the ip address in my browser.

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I’m doing my first image recognition project using edge impulse and raspberry pi 4. I’m using a USB camera to catch the image. I could connect the raspberry to edge impulse and collect data successfully. Also, I built my model into the pi with no issue. However, when I typed the ip address to see what the camera see, I couldn’t see anything, but the different model classes change correctly (when I tested with the two different object). I don’t know what is the issue and how solves it.

Hello @adriancarballogarcia,

:thinking: this seems odd.

Could you try with a different browser of change the permission maybe?
Do you have an ad blocker or some other extension that could block some things?



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Hello Louis,
I saw an error message when I run ‘edge-impulse-Linux-runner’
Error: Input buffer contain unusual image format.
So, I think my camera has an incorrect image format, is it right? . So, can I download something to solve this issue or I have to use another camera?

Hello @adriancarballogarcia,

That could be the reason indeed.

You could test with the our Linux SDK, such as this one which contains several examples: GitHub - edgeimpulse/linux-sdk-python: Use Edge Impulse for Linux models from Python

Let me know if you managed to bypass your issue.