Edge Impulse Enterprise Version

I’m using Edge Impulse frequently for my homeworks. So I want to upload my huge datasets and train them high amount of epochs but as expectedly Edge Impulse doesn’t let me to do because it is free version. I filled the form for the Enterprise version but Edge Impulse didnt response yet. What can I do about this problem? Or can you response me at least? Or when can you response me?

Hello @MrAccelerated,

Not sure about the filters in our CRM but maybe one has been applied if you sent your question from non-enterprise email address.
I will ask someone from the sales team to get back to you.



Thank you for your attention @louis,
I filled the form of Enterprise with my student email adress because that mail is most formal mail that i have. I thought that this mail could be accepted.

Update: Sales Representative conacted ne via e-mail. And they asked that how long will i use the enterprise version. I answered it. But they never came back…